Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow Your Heart?

If you wouldn't follow a blind man, why would you follow a blind heart?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mind Over MEN, I mean matter...

"He who angers you, controls you"

I Was Sold A Lemon...

He sold me a Lemon. I knew I didn't want to make a major purchase, all I wanted to do was rent when ever I felt the need to get away in something new. I wanted the pleasure of joy riding from time to time with no major commitments. It wouldn't be long-term, just as long as I enjoyed the trip and the car stayed in good condition with no issues. However, this salesman was very eager to convince me that this car was too special to treat as just a rental and that he wasn't interested in renting out on a non-consistent basis. He made it clear that this wasn't just any car and that it will be worth the time and effort. With hesitation and a little flattery, I agreed to make the purchase with a 30 day guarantee against my better judgement. The thought of making such a huge commitment was eerie enough; however, I continued to enjoy the ride with my hair blowing in the wind and foot to the gas riding as fast as I could stand it. As days went by, my car seemed to become less and less reliable. I noticed that the mirrors were starting to crack and I couldn't see myself clearly, the radio became static and the communication channels were being crossed, but the most dangerous thing of all was my defaulty brakes when the car started to go way too fast for my comfort. I must admit, I knew there was something wrong about the intensity and speed that the car could perform at but I couldn't control the rush I felt from the freedom and excitement in the car. I quickly learned the serious repercussions of this foe thrill when I was faced with the possibility of loosing my ability to drive and face the consequence of a serious ticket and very expensive fine. With the news I hesitantly went to the very persuasive salesman to ask for advice and possible support if my consequence came to fruition. Wearing a face like none I've seen before and speaking with a tone none like I've heard from him before, I found myself declined for any assistance and it then was blatantly obvious that the salesman never intended on selling me on a high performance car, only on one that was good for a short joy ride but not safe and secure. The salesman walked away with his huge pay day never to be heard from again. As for me, all my charges were dismissed with a huge slap on the wrist. Another tough lesson learned, never settle for a fast thrill when you have a feeling that its just a lemon underneath the hood.