Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Guys Finish Last Because They Come in Last

“Nice Guys” always complain of coming in last but do they really deserve any other position? To come in first place means that at that moment you defeated the competition. Yes, I know men don’t want to think of themselves as being in competition to win a woman’s heart but actually you are. The competition may not just be other guys but can be her friends and family, her career, even her pets (thanks Nick and Marcus for the insight on that one). With other men being the biggest distraction one must always remember that at any given moment we could be doing something else rather than being in your company. With that said, you should always behave in a manner that lets us know that our time is worth spending with you. If most women are like me, I’m always thinking of what else I can be doing with my time. Ok, “nice guys” can you honestly say that you step up to the plate when it comes to dating? Do you say and do the things that she likes just because you know she likes them? Ego aside, nice guys can really move up if they just project that upfront and not wait for the women to ask you to do so. In my experience, I have noticed that most “nice guys” are afraid of rejection so they don’t say or do certain things because they don’t want to be turned down. In my opinion that goes with the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Sometimes in order to win big, you have to play big and I mean that in the simplest way possible. Not telling her how you truly feel (or saying so in a weirdo way) can cause her to be unsure and possibly move on. You don’t have to always try so hard NOT to be like other guys, trust me if you are a nice guy she will see that from the start and that is probably a major reason why she would even share her time with you. My advice to nice guys is to not be so guarded and let your emotions show a little especially if they are genuine unlike the bad boys in which we already know that. Take more risk when dating, if you are rejected, so what move on. If a woman likes you then she will tell you by her body language as well as her words, if you see the door is open then walk in and not stand there waiting for the invite if so you may be waiting alone and at the end of the race while she is at the finish line with the guy who came in first.

Attention: The Deadly Drought

News Flash: There is a deadly drought going on, causing some men and women to commit dignity suicide when it comes to pursuing another of the opposite sex. This epidemic is spreading ramped through bars, night clubs, malls and even some churches. It’s causing regular self-respecting citizens to become overly “thirsty” for the attention of the opposite sex. It’s actually quite frightening because once one is affected by the outbreak they won’t stop at anything until they have conquered what they want. The days of the low-key, mysterious guys are over, the times of the mild-manner sexy yet classy women are over, it’s open game now! In order to protect yourself from the thirsty vagrants on the loose, let’s go over the signs to look out for: 1. If you notice someone at the bar and they send you over a drink, come over to you, tell you their life story and then invite themselves to hangout with you for the rest of the night: Thirsty! 2. If you run into an old flame and then the next few days you realize that you were moved back into their speed dial category also known as the “dig-up”: Thirsty! 3. If women are at the bar fighting over who is going to buy the one cute guy a drink: Thirsty! 4. If you met a guy at a party and give him your number and he blows your phone up all that night way into the morning hours with hopes of getting up with you that same night: SUPER THIRSTY! These are just four examples of what to watch out for when you are out and about. You need to also be able to recognize whether or not you, yourself are Thirsty: 1. if your entire crew has been with the same person yet you are still trying to get with that person: you are thirsty. 2. If you have been told numerous times that you will never be more than just a friend yet you still try to be more than that: you are thirsty. 3. If regardless of your taste, you take the loudest, most unattractive person home because it was easy: you are thirsty. Be responsible and don’t let friends go out Thirsty. Be careful to spot out Thirsty Packs, these are crews of thirsty people on the prowl; you may have to reject the entire crew by the end of the night. Beware; the thirsty will try to steal your man, woman or anyone that you may be interested in. If you see a Thirsty person getting a little too close to your man or woman, simply throw a glass of water on them, protect your mate! This has been a public service announcement.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time Off

OK so it looks like my "take over the world" efforts have consumed me a little more than I planned but it's cool, I haven't forgotten about my soul mate (this blog) that has bought me through so much (No Ma, I'm not worshiping false idols it was just a figure of speech). So during my time away I have thought of a few blogs that await their births onto my page such as: "Good guys finish last because they come in last", "Dig A Hole", "How to Date Yourself", and "The Four Zones". Yes, I know you have been waiting patiently but they will be coming soon so stay tuned...