Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I dont know you

I do not know you anymore. The changes of your heart concern me. Where have you gone and what happened there to make you into someone so unrecognizable? This is not what you were taught, what you believed or what you would ever settle for. You have defeated enemies of great stature, you have over come challenges meant for destruction and you have done the impossible and came back to life. So how is it that you are someone different now? Someone with no recollection of your many triumphs. You look the same but there is a dramatic difference in you. I'm afraid of this person who have become. I'm terrified of where this person will go and what this person will or won't do. How do I find the real you deep down in that temple of yours.


The unveiling of a rare beauty, fully disrobed exposing all scars and imperfections. Once a vallard strength now left without armor, vulnerable in the light. The many hidden insecurities now pulled to the front. No pity to fall upon those ears only disappointment and disgust. No longer able to stay afloat with the many true Gems amongst, simply sinking to the bottom longing to be forgotten. Stripped of pride, dignity and grace, now afraid of the unknown, unclothed reflection in the mirror. Exposed for its hypocritical thoughts, careless actions and reckless lies. Unhumbled but disregarded. Torn to the bone like punctured skin, deep wounds now surface trying to heal again. Infected with visible self-concious blemishes, carrying around over weight baggage. Naked, exposed but most of all afraid.