Thursday, March 12, 2009

Her Dreams

How does she hide her secret obsessions for the unknown? Her professional demeanor keeps her from looking like what she is thinking on the inside. Always wanting the freedom to express her sexual desires but never the courage to live up to that image that’s often looked at negatively. Suppressed by years of portraying what everyone else wants her to be, she holds back from opportunities that will allow her to live our her fantasies. She can only let loose in her dreams where her private desires can replay over and over in her mind. In her dreams she doesn’t feel the need to uphold a certain reputation or reach certain standards set before her. This woman can use her subconscious to reach an ecstasy like no other. The age old question of “what will they think of me” won’t be on her mind; only the thoughts of how satisfying this is for her. Under this deep subdue of intimacy, she will be fulfilled in ways that she never thought possible and which will only heighten her desires for more. Just as she reaches the most satisfying climax ever, she awakes to her cell phone ringing….it’s another late night call but she presses ignore and rolls over thinking, “what type of girl do they think I am?”