Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Point Of View

What if everyone DID believe in you? What if you didn’t have to feel as if you needed to prove yourself to anyone because you knew that they all thought you could do anything you wanted? What if people constantly gave you encouragement and told you that they support you? Think about if all those people that told you that you couldn’t do something, all told you that you COULD do whatever you put your mind to. Imagine a support system so strong that no one pointed out your failures but all awaited your success. What if everyone around you told you that you were destined for greatness and that nothing could stop you or get in your way? How about if you had great role models and people to look up to that accomplished their dreams?

Now imagine…

Being fearful and defeated, holding in dark secrets and insecurities. Ashamed of past failures and terrified to fail again. Walking around with the “curse of perfection” while trying to figure out what everyone is thinking of you.

Any Pressure?