Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Jokes On US

The current presidential race is completely insulting my intelligence. I just feel at any moment, someone is going to pinch me and awake me from this dream. First, I am to believe that a man from the same political party as the current failure of a President, a man who voted with this President over 90% of the time, a man who fails to acknowledge that the current economic crisis is a direct effect of the poor leadership for the last 8 years is suppose to be the next best leader. Yes, I'm suppose to believe this man will provide some ounce of change to this country? Secondly, I am made to believe that an unknown women with less than adequate experience, unfamiliar with foreign polices, Energy possessed, mother of 5 1/2, and articulates her messages on an elementary level quoting Starbucks cups and using slang and southern jargin is going to run the country God forbid something happens to her running mate. Really?! Seriously?! I am insulted when I hear her speak, if I wanted to hear a "homegirl" regurgitate facts about the one subject she knows and completely ignore the other questions and issues, I would call one of my own girlfriends and even then, they are all more articulate than her on any given day. When I watch a debate, I am watching to be informed and enlightened on subjects that matter to the American people, I expect to hear facts, actions plans and I expect it to be delivered in a professional manner not as if I'm at a school PTA meeting. Speak to me as if you are qualified to. It is our duties as citizens to educate ourselves on the issues so when they are asked serious questions, I expect serious, educated and professional answers and not to be insulted as if I didn't realized Energy wasn't even relevant to what was just asked! If people would just put politics aside and look at the character facts of each candidate race and gender aside, we will be able to see that this has got to be a joke. For all I'm concerned the elections should be held on April 1st instead of November because then this would all make sense!