Thursday, December 10, 2009

Words Of A Kiss

The only time I feel his lips are when he is close to me. The only time he is close to me is when he is on top of me. The only time he is on top of me is when I need to be kissed. When his kiss is the only thing that makes me feel loved, worthy and appreciated. When his feelings aren't spoken, aren't expressed through words, kind gestures, or even felt through his eyes...his kisses will give me the affirmation that I so desperately want from him. His kisses don't just make my body submit to his body, they make my mind submit to his mind. I believe that he loves me back, I believe that he treasures me. I believe that he wants more than my body that he is receiving in the moment. But when he is not on top of me, not close to me and doesn't kiss me...I wonder. I wonder if I'm good enough for him. I wonder if I will ever feel his love without the kisses or will the kisses be all that he will get close, to get on top without really giving anything at all.