Monday, April 5, 2010

The Real Games

I’m laughing at you insensitive ploys yet I’m suppose to fall all over you. When did it become okay for the guy to care only about himself (out loud) I at least pretend to be sensitive to your feelings, I at least pretend to enjoy your company and I can hold a conversation as if I’m listening. But if all my efforts are only shielding my guilty conscious from the fact that I’m only holding on for the perks, how do you so easily ignore your conscious from reminding you about your ulterior motives? We are both here for the wrong reasons yet I’m the only one who seems to think this is unhealthy. Is it okay for us to put our motives on the table, open and honestly? Or do you think you could handle the truth? Will you label me as something I would never want to become if you only knew what kept me near? It’s an obvious yet oblivious game with play. It’s perfectly fine for you to only want me for one thing but if it were known that I pretended to want you for one thing then who would I be?