Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guilty Conscious or Great Minds Think Alike?

He never understood her rainchecks. He didn’t see it necessary to want more rest before an early meeting. He didn’t get the point of going to an afterhours diner after the club with the girls even though she wasn’t hungry; and he just didn’t like the fact that she would rather text than call at times. He often asked a lot of questions in efforts to gather info on her whereabouts all the while making plans of his own. He starts by planning to ask for his own raincheck when he is really just going to see someone else when she asks to spend quality time together. He mentions that he has an early meeting to deter her from expecting to stay over. After coming home at 5am, he explains that he had to sit with his friends at an afterhours diner while they ate because he wanted to sober up before driving. He text rather than calls her to say that he is going to bed early to avoid her hearing the other woman’s voice. Is it that they are alike and have mutual respect for each other? Or is it that her answers and actions cause him to think about all the times he has said the same things she has but did other things? He knows his lies work. He knows what she could possibly do with that extra time away. He is sure that she has the potential to think of another when with him and he is certain that she will simply deny any accusations and turn the issue on him if confronted. He knows her best but expects her worst; all because he reflects on himself. Guilty conscious’s of great minds’ do think alike.