Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Idea of a Man

Without a second look, he disappears from her mind but later his kind words makes her take another glance and ponder on the idea of this man. Enjoying the attention that someone so far from thought could give so effortlessly, but all she could think was why he was trying to place himself on her radar. Riding the wave, she begins to get use to the idea of this man. Looking forward to his flirtatious text and sweet comments now and again, she found herself daydreaming of what it would be like to see him, touch him and feel him. Sustained by her visions of this man, she remained her distance yet curious. The idea of this man kept her from feeling lonely and uninvolved. As time passed, she begins to get tired of just an idea and wanted something more tangible. Frustrated with not being able to hold back her desires, she withdrawals in herself no longer content with just an idea. She realizes that she cannot make him what he’s not. Yet again she feels reeled in and thrown back ashore wondering why the idea of a man entices her more than the actual man.