Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Her Aching Heart

She gave you her heart but you didn't cherish it. When you abandoned her she fell into the arms of another but her heart was still with you. She begged for the love and attention that she could only imagine wanting from you but you denied her and she pulled deeper into herself. She tried to fill her void of you with her career and other things but her heart remained with you, aching. She tried every conventional and unconventional way to get through to you, but failed at reaching you. Her unsuccessful attempts left her feeling lonely, unwanted, and curious as to whether she was good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. Although with you, she lost her strong confidant self and became overwhelmed with loneliness, her heart still belonged to you. Now that she had the strength to leave, she lies awake at night contemplating what she could have done different to make you love her the way she needed. Awaking with a failed relationship, failed career and diminishing self-worth, her aching heart still belongs to you.