Monday, August 17, 2009

Mind Power

I've been doing some cut backs lately in a lot of different areas: socially, financially, etc. And while trying to explain my will power to someone today I thinking of ways to put it in a "nice" way and could only think of words that made no sense or that could be taken out of context. With my dilemma in trying to convey that in conversation, I was the only one that found humor in it; however later that night I get a message from my sister who asked me to define a word that she made up. Ironically the word was one of the very same words that I conjured up earlier to explain myself to another....who'd knew we were thinking up the exact same explanation that same day with the same word! But wait it gets better...Preparing for bed, I was burdened with an obstacle I'm up against and while trying to get it out my mind, I thought of something someone said to me and I picked up my devotional book and started to read. Well the chapter was on exactly what I was struggling with and it provided great inspiration on the matter in which allowed me to focus on going to sleep at a decent hour for once....But wait, I'm not done! Typical me, I awake in the middle of the night/morning and not being able to sleep I start listening to my ipod and allowed the songs to get my mind wondering. I start to think about someone in particular for no apparent reason and begin reminiscing on our past encounter and as I start to doze off, I'm startled by my phone (which is usually on silent once my lights are out for the night) sending a chime acknowledging that someone has sent me a message. Yes, it is from the person that I was thinking about at that moment (who would usually be sleep at that time of morning)....go figure!
What a day, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?...