Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Exclusive Interview With Death

In a cold un-inviting tunnel between dark and light, I begin the first ever exclusive interview of a lifetime with Death. I was determine to ask the questions that we all needed to know and determine to walk away knowing every intimate detail of what goes into the work of Death.

ME: So Death, what made you decided to finally speak directly to me? Is there something specific that you want me to know about you?

Death: I’ve watched you for quite some time however with my private nature I never wanted to expose my work until now. I suspect you are asking too many questions about me and I wanted you to get the answers directly from the source instead of make your own assumptions of what I do.

ME: So for the record, what is that you really do?

Death: If you must ask then I shouldn’t be here. What you desire to know is why I do what I do, is that correct?

ME: I thought I was the one asking the questions here but yes you are right. You have the most controversial job in the world, I’m sure you may just very well be the most hated as well.

Death: If I felt hatred then I would care, but I don’t. I do what is necessary; however sometimes I can explain and sometimes I can’t explain it.

ME: It has been my experience that your lack of explanation is what bothers me and I’m sure others. In the past you sent press releases stating that the inspiration for your work was old age, disease or accidents. What has changed in your industry that you are stepping outside the box and doing jobs with no premise, totally out of the ordinary?

Death: It’s simple, for publicity. Sometimes you have to shake things up to get the public to pay attention to you. With religion, new technology, medical miracles and organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving; the awareness has slowed my business down. Sometimes I have to get creative and shock those into remembering that I will always have work and will always be around.

ME: Don’t you think that you can get that message across in other ways?

Death: No, you don’t understand the amount of people that believe that they are invincible. They live adverse to their doctor’s recommendations, consume deadly drugs, drive reckless, and have unprotected sex, trust strangers amongst many of the other daily risk. I just take one life to protect another.

ME: But how is that fair, much less making any sense? Why take the life of one unexplained and expect those “risk takers” to really get it? Beyond their grief, they will start to feel anger that not makes them end their indiscretions but make them want to indulge even more. Thoughts of “if this innocent person living the right way gets their life taken, then why should I change,” will be the only thing that they have on their minds.

Death: Not everyone will think that way.

ME: Yes this is true, you may have those that vow to change their lives around because of the fear of dying themselves but again, how is this fair or makes sense to take a life to get the attention of another. Was that life not valued as highly as the one you are trying to shock?

Death: I can’t confirm nor deny that last statement.

ME: I thought I was finally going to get my exclusive!

Death: Just calm down, it’s not as simple as you would like for it to be. Do you remember that day when you and your friends’ skipped basketball practice in high school?

ME: Yes, so.

Death: Do you also remember that one friend, accidentally shot off his father’s gun in your direction and the bullet just missed your head? At the moment you all ran in fear of the noise getting you all in trouble but in actuality, it could have been the end of your life right there.

Me: Wow, I do recall that and never thought about it like that.

Death: Do you remember the time you were driving back to college from visiting your mother and you borrowed her car?

Me: Yes, now you are back to asking the questions I see.

Death: If you recall, you were in an accident that ended up in what you refer to as a miracle due to the fact that your car spun in circles several times, stopped turned facing oncoming traffic in the middle of the interstate but somehow you ended up on the side of the highway before the rest of the traffic caught up to you. Although emotional and frightened, you walked away without a scratch. It could have been your last road trip that night.

Me: Yes, I do remember and your mention of it brings chills up my spine but what does this have to do with you? I’m still alive.

Death: Yes you are. If you’re being alive is not explained then why does someone’s dying have to be? You may have not done anything right or wrong to still be alive just as they may not have done anything right or wrong to die. I know this isn’t the interview that you wanted and I don’t know what your write-up will look like but it will definitely give you time to think and appreciate every moment of life that you do have with your family and friends.

Me: (with a disturbed look on my face) I still don’t get it and I guess I never will. I will avoid your work at all cost and hope that you don’t work with any of my love ones in the near future. Thank you for your time.

Death: You’re welcome. Until we meet again…