Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miss Independent & The Male Gold Digger

Miss Independent, that I am. Being able to afford the things that I want and need comes at an ease; however call me old fashion but if you are or want to be the MAN in the relationship then my "having it" shouldn't be what makes you dig me. I can very well not have it just as you can not have it and then would it matter? As long as I can give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are spending because you want to and not because you have to then that should be good enough. Just like I would want the opportunity to treat because I want to and not because you know that I got it to spend. Since when has the woman footing the bill been an aphrodisiac for men? For centuries you've been raised to work hard and provide for your families, you've been held superior and paid more all because the man is suppose to "wear the pants". Now all of a sudden just because a woman can do it on her own, you want her to do it for you to ease your slack. Let me be independent because I don't ask for anything and not because I pay for everything. If I'm expected to take care of home, keep myself fly, keep my composure, support your dreams, satisfy your needs AND pay my way....then I have to ask myself, What is that you are bringing to the table??? Some may say it's a double standard or stereotype but it boils down to...I'm the GIRL and your the BOY, it's already a man's world, so simply pay for it!