Sunday, January 4, 2009

Relax, It's Just A Crack

So I'm spending time with the nieces and nephew for an Auntie and Me day out...I'm not a mother yet so my kiddie day out wardrobe doesn't consist of overalls and baby vomit stained t-shirts instead I maintain my fly by weaning a fitted sweater and pair of skinny jeans and boots totally appropriate, so I thought. I've always thought of myself as the Super Nanny, Favorite Auntie, Guru of kids type of person but when you are trying to get toddlers out the back seat of a coupe, you start to feel a little incompetent. Well in the midst of my full out brawl with the car seats and seat belts, through the impossible space between the front seat and back seat, my jeans and sweater begin to separate and I start to feel a draft on my lower back and butt. At this point its either drop a kid or expose a little crack. My future motherly instincts kicked in and I decided that the kids come first so I continued to attempt to rescue them from the jaws of my back seat. Through the commotion, I over heard two older women walking by totally appalled by my crack showcase. They were gasping, pointing and rolling their eyes in disgust. My first thought was keep it moving this is not a show but then I figured they could at least be of some assistance if they were just going to stand there and watch; I mean it wasn't like it was a full moon or anything, now that would have been just gross. So I stepped out and ask if they wouldn't mind giving me a hand but they clutched their hearts as if I asked them to come cup a cheek or something. I didn't get what the big deal was, to me it would have been worst if I exposed huge granny panties with polka dots! I got frustrated and yelled "kick rocks, I'm sure you've seen worst when you look in the mirror plus there are plenty who would pay good money to see the show that you just got!" So I guess it shows that I'm liable to fight old ladies but I DO LOVE THE KIDS!