Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trying To Soak In This Historic Moment

As I watch the History Channel documentary on Freedom Writers at midnight on MLK Day, I feel a since of pride, honor and an undeserving feeling all at the same time. It’s one thing to have always read about historical milestones for African Americans but it’s another to experience it firsthand. I feel proud because I can turn on the television, turn on the radio and pick up a paper and the whole world is talking about our first African American President, the most powerful man in the country. I am honored to say I voted and was a part of making history as a young African American woman. Feelings that I am undeserving stem from knowing that I have not yet worked my hardest, reached my potential or accomplished half of what was fought for by so many before me. I take for granted that I am witnessing something so deserving and not something simply owed to “us”. I am sadden to the fact that my grandparents, aunts, uncles and most importantly, my father who said there would never be a Black President are not here to share this moment with me. Although I have experienced moments of unjust circumstances due to my race, I know it’s not by far as bad as what they went through. This historic moment can be seen through so many different perspectives. Through mine, I will take my proud emotions and declare that I help our new president make a difference through my own everyday actions. I will take my honored emotions, step back and breathe in this new sense of accomplishment for our race and continue to strive for greatness in myself. I will turn my undeserving feelings into motivation to leave a great legacy with my future children and grandchildren that may not realize how this moment was so historical and changed the lives of many. I’ve always been told that Change is inevitable; I pray that this change will be the one to step towards a norm. I just want to take the time to really soak in this moment and apply my feelings to something extrodinary that my departed love ones can look down and be proud of.