Thursday, January 8, 2009

Voice Of My Biggest Enemy

I can sell you faster than you can sale yourself. The public request you and call for you, who am I to not give them what they want which will benefit them and maybe not you. Speak up, I can’t hear you…I don’t hear your true desires, passions and dreams loud and clear. You mention them and allude to the fact that they will come to fruition one day but I don’t believe you. I think that you are regular, regular in the sense that you will settle for what I give you. Against your own self examination, you are patient and passive. You allow me to take you places that you would never want to go; you allow me give so much of you away for free. I can totally take advantage of you because your fear is so great. I show off your talents when you least expect it. I’m constantly presenting you in a light that makes you submissive and accommodating which appeals to your takers. I don’t allow them to see your self-worth and your true visions and from this I even know how to sometimes hide it from you. I allow you to believe that you will never make it on your own, that you don’t have the resources, time and strength to ever accomplish your own dreams. I hold you back from focus and persistence. I keep you comfortable with what you know and keep you frightened of the unknown. I volunteer your time to help everyone but yourself. I take a percentage and spend it on making you feel just a little bit better so you can go back to being mine. You allow me to control you. I want to keep you calm and comfortable to keep you right where I want you. Your anger and discontentment concerns me, it always leads to your progression and success. If you were wise you would turn your anger into your vehicle for accomplishment. You would challenge yourself and doubt my repetitive advice. You would not allow me to pimp you out. You would acknowledge the powerful side of your inner voice and not me. I rob you of your confidence, your passion and dreams as "A man without a dream or vision will perish"! I will always be around taunting; you can’t hide from me or shut me up unless you lay me to rest by taking your ambitions to the next level. You won’t win.