Friday, August 22, 2008

I’m Back

Thanks to a very close friend who’s known me since the high school jammed locker days (you know who you are) other friends and family that believed in me and saw something that I failed to, prayer and writing, I can safely say that I’m Back! With lip gloss poppin and BlackBerry in hand, I’m ready to attempt to take over the world again. In the past “trying to take over the world” has been my answer to the simple everyday question of “what are you up to?” Loosing so much in so little time is a very humbling experience and I’ve learned so many great lessons. When asked how I got over things, I simply reply that I can’t be Pitiful and Powerful at the same time. It’s true when they say you can block your blessings. I for one know that it makes no sense to pray to God and genuinely thank him for your mere existence when in reality you question that same existence that you are thankful for. I want to be sincerely thankful for being alive, healthy, and blessed to have so many who love and care for me. Being depressed (although natural) only defeats your sense to find peace in any situation. Believe me, it’s much easier said than done but I truly can say being grateful beats being sad any day. We have to remember that time is so precious in anything in life and the time that we spent being depressed and wrapped up in our troubles is time that we can never get back and time that we have lost not being able to make the situation better. I may only be back in a small way now but I know I’m destined for greatness. I can say that I’m back because I demand to be back, I command to be back!