Monday, August 18, 2008

Words of Life

It’s amazing how I hear God without conversation. Words are life, love and lessons. I speak life into words, I love through words and I turn life’s lessons into words that comfort me and hopefully others. So many have saved my life through words, sent messages from God through words, and loved me through words. I receive clarity, direction and comfort through simple words of others with no intentions. I am saved through God’s grace by the unspoken words of a summer’s breeze, a quite storm or a star filled night. Courage comes through the weak and joy through the young. Smiles of unknown infants to give that last bit of needed strength, common polite gestures to take away the weight of the world. Speak words of life into someone’s heart, write to give someone hope, pray to give someone strength and sing to give someone peace. A word of life, love and lessons; something that we all need, want and yearn for.