Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Virgin Surgeon

The Virgin Surgeon…hmm sounds interesting I bet. So I met this Surgeon, how refreshing to meet someone other than a Music Producer, Real Estate Mogul, Party Promoter, Mortgage Lender or “Entrepreneur”. No offense to those (I’m one) but let’s be honest those are a little bit harder to take seriously after Vista Print lets every person who decides on those titles to print 150 free business cards; but that’s a whole other blog in itself. So this Surgeon proves to be a Virgin slowly and surely throughout our encounter. A virgin to words as he stumbles and stutters and at times said nothing and just stared, hopefully it was my beauty and not my breathe but none the less, awkward. A virgin to personal space as he felt the need to touch my arm too many times for comfort and thought that his smile would somehow mean more if it was 2 inches away from my face vs. 2 feet away. A virgin to interpreting body language meaning that my steps backward were creating more space between us and not inviting you to come closer. A virgin to “No” as in not interested in talking anymore, not going to join you on the terrace, never will I go home with you and “No” is actually my kind way of saying “Kick Rocks!” Whether or not he had experience in any other areas of meeting and or dating a woman, I don’t know and needless to say, was not trying to find out.