Friday, August 22, 2008

Status Quo

Looking out the corner of my eye…
Don’t ask me what I do, what side of town I live on, where do I worship, or what I drive, What’s it to you? If I was selling something that you needed, I would have already told you what I did. If we were splitting a cab then you would know exactly what side of town I live on. If I honestly thought that you could benefit from where I worship without judgment or a closed mind then maybe I would tell you, and unless you are my Allstate Claims Agent then it’s none of your business as to what I drive, it could be a spaceship for all it’s worth. If your curiosity of me was genuine or for networking purposes then that would be different but if your curiosity is a simple nosey ploy to judge me based on simple material things or facts that don’t paint a true picture of my character and personality then keep your questions to yourself. This is inspired by the person giving me the up and down as they await the same questions returned so they can sing their own praises. Funny thing is I’m not easily impressed; again, let your actions speak louder than your arrogant words.