Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Kind of After 5

I am a self-proclaimed Vampire, without all the gross blood sucking of course. I say this because of my sleep patterns or lack there of. I've noticed that I get my best sleep (hopefully the one that gives you the beauty rest) between 5am and 9am. I don't know what it is about this time but it's lights out and hello la la land for me. Not to mention my lack of long well rested sleep, I am also the biggest dreamer I know. Which of course wakes me up still fighting off evil, saving countries or even better laying next to a strange man that must be my dream lover because I'm smiling ear to ear even with my eye mask still on. At night when I attempt to fall asleep (depending on what sleep-aide I had available) I mostly lay there thinking of what I didn't get to do and what did I really do that prevented me from doing what I wanted or needed to do. I also make mental notes of my next day's to-do list, or even start mentally typing emails that I need to send or what I will blog about next as if I am recording myself and will know exactly what I was thinking the night before. After I'm determined that my worries or excitement wont stand in the way of my sleep, I turn my phone off, equip myself with my ipod for continuous mellow sounds, pull down my eye mask and pull the covers over my head (I know sexy, right?...) and then 10 minutes later I find myself trying to remember whether or not I called my mom back, set my alarm clock, brushed my teeth, yada yada and then the cycle starts all over again until I look at my clock and say this is CRAZY! But again, there is hope after 5am...Hello la la land!